I'm just a 20 year old asian lady who lives in Sweden. My name is Evelina and I am a feminist. I love hockey and soccer; my teams are Djurgårdens IF, Liverpool FC and Chicago Blackhawks.

Teen Wolf has ruined my life and now also my blog.

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I also run fuckyeahmarcuskruger

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peemsterandhalsadick replied to your post“I feel as though I’ve pissed off my professor and I really don’t…”
I’m confused but…. it’s likely he has a ton of other stuff going on and doesn’t actually dislike you. Right?? You’re likeable!!
I mean I don’t know. It’s possible I’ve offended him somehow because he’s American and you guys are a lot more formal when adressing your teachers so maybe he feels like I’m disrespecting him or something? I was very anxious about how to actually do that but I decided to go with the Swedish way because hey, he’s the one who moved here. Anyway, I really just don’t know what his deal is. He’s a weirdo.
bluecheeseblues replied to your post“my professor just asked me to come into his office on friday for like…”
ugh that’s the worst, and when people in group projects that live a few subway stops away don’t show up and you’ve wasted 2-3hrs on the commute there…
Right? Or the people who show up like an hour late like “lol i woke up like ten minutes ago sorry” and you’re just like “i woke up at 7 am to get here at 10, and you’re telling me you slept until 10:50?!” what the fuck is wrong with people ugh

I feel as though I’ve pissed off my professor and I really don’t understand how it happened. like what did i even do. i don’t get it

and it’s made me very unproductive because i do not feel at ease at all anymore. so the essay i’m supposed to write for him has just been left sitting there.

i did however manage to reschedule the appointment for monday instead of friday. so at least now i don’t have to make a 3 hour commute for a 15 minute conversation

which i know i’ve been saying a lot but like

would you do that? probably not right so why are you making me do it when it could easily be rescheduled

which we did anyway

is that what pissed you off? I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU